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Evaluation Theory Models And Applications Pdf 14




 . to assessment, evaluation, and research studies of products and programs •. . . development of appropriate program evaluation methods . . . strategies, techniques, tools and methods to help program evaluators use assessment and evaluation data to make informed decisions about program policy and implementation **CONTENTS** I. Contents of this Handbook I.1 Introduction I.2 Program Evaluation in Human Services and Social Policy I.2.1 Human Services and Social Policy - Goals and General Concepts I.2.1.1 Goal I.2.1.2 Concept of Social and Human Services I.2.2 Program Evaluation in Human Services and Social Policy - Sub-Areas of Focus I.2.3 Objectives of Program Evaluation I.2.4 Policy-Relevant Evaluation I.2.5 Program Evaluation Approaches I.2.5.1 Client-centered Approach I.2.5.2 System-centered Approach I.2.5.3 Program-centered Approach I.2.5.4 Theory-centered Approach I.2.6 Evaluation Methods I.2.6.1 Quantitative Methods I.2.6.2 Qualitative Methods I.2.6.3 Multiple Methods I.2.7 Evaluation with a Purpose I.2.7.1 Effectiveness Evaluation I.2.7.2 Satisfaction and Quality Assessment I.2.7.3 Impact and Effectiveness I.2.7.4 Mapping of Evaluation Research and Evaluation I.2.8 Decision-Making in Program Evaluation II. Program Evaluation Concepts and Terms II.1 Program Evaluation Terminology II.2 Evaluation Concepts II.2.1 Goals II.2.2 Goals II.2.2.1 Programme Goals II.2.2.2 Individual Goals II.2.2.3 Ego Goals II.2.2.4 Social Goals II.2.2.5 Economic and Financial Goals II.2.2.6 Legal and Other Goals II.2.2.7 Philosophy Goals II.2.2.8 Evaluation Goals II.2.2.9 Logical Goals




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Evaluation Theory Models And Applications Pdf 14

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